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Norton Trial Reset 3.8.1

Posted by archilis

Cracked by BOX! (v3.8.1 Nsane Edition)
This program is for the Norton Internet Security 2009 {v16.5.0.135}, Norton AntiVirus 2009 {v16.5.0.134}, and Norton 360 S/P {v3.0.0.135}. It extends the trial period so you get more time to evaluate the product. It was tested on WinXP (x86) & Vista (x86/x64). It may not work with the latest patches/updates.

Use other Antivirus programs (not Norton), to scan this NTR to make sure that it is not infected with malware. (You need to extract the NTR from the zip file before scanning.)

1. If Norton is installed and expired, then [ Uninstall ] Norton and restart the computer. Then run the NTR and purge Norton.
2. Install Norton. (If already installed and has not expired, then skip to Step 3.)
3. If you are using an older version of the NTR, then uninstall it now. [ Uninstall ] the old NTR (necessary), [ Delete ], and [ PURGE ] your Recycle Bin of all the known Trial Reset by BOX prior to this version.
4. Install the NTR and follow the instructions.
5. IF you want to uninstall the NTR, just click the Uninstall. Make sure that you uninstall the NTR before you uninstall Norton.
* Note A: This NTR may not work with the latest updates.
* Note B: Don't let anyone force you to use this program.

This is a manual reset, you install the trial reset every time you want to reset.

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