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Nodenabler 3.2

Posted by archilis

Nodenabler 3.2
Made by the Nodster, matt and Damian666 for asta
they made it under The Damned Crew nick.
it works simular to Nodlogin, but updates from internet pages.
so no trouble with the server being down and crap
check it out.

Nodabler GUI is located here

new pictures will follow .

Change Log
Version 3.2:
+Numerous tweaks under-the-hood to make the program more robust, reusable, and faster.
+Some minor bug fixes.
+Did lots of small things to improve usability and configurability.
+Numerous new options added to the settings manager.
+Removed everything from the installer that could better be placed in the settings manager.
+Removed some installer options that weren't really needed.
+New output options for automatic execution - Hidden/Silent, Standard (New: Tray icon only shows messages when license changes or something goes wrong), and Verbose.
+The Vista scheduled task can now have its repetition interval modified by the settings manager.
+NodEnabler now finally works properly with proxy servers (thanks to a new AutoIt release).
+The licenses used by NodEnabler are now much more random and diverse, hopefully meaning they will get black-listed less often.
+You can now completely change where and how NodEnabler searches for a license (more info at
+NodEnabler now checks when the current license is due to expire (ESET v3 and up only) and updates it before your ESET software starts complaining (Still doesn't anticipate black-listing by ESET though - not possible).

DOWNLOAD NodEnabler 3.2 ... here

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