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Hide Your IP Address v1.0 - Patch and Serial

Posted by archilis

Hide Your IP Address v1.0 - Patch and Serial

Hide Your IP Address purpose is to guard your privacy in Internet by changing your Internet IP Address. Start to surf anonymously. You can immediately take advantage of this handy and award winning software. The software will protect your Identity and Stop Hackers.
Here is a short feature-list of this award winning software that gives you your privacy back!
-Protect and hide your Identity through hiding your IP address
-Prevent hackers from breaking into your computer
-Allows you to enter pages which are forbidden for you
-Changes your IP address (and your location)
-Delete information about ALL your internet activity
-Add your own Proxies and use your favorites
-Why should you hide YOUR IP address?
Are you aware that many websites and most hackers use IP addresses to monitor your personal business, your home address and other personal information about you can be retrieved once your IP address is known?
Everyone who is connected to the Internet has a unique IP address that allows information to be sent directly to her/his own personal computer. Unfortunately, about 99% of hacking attacks uses the victim’s IP address to monitor or steal personal information that can be used in identity theft. If your IP address isn’t hidden, virtually anyone with Internet access can track you directly to your home. Everyone can see your location (!!!), your Internet Service Provider and your host - including hackers! Your firewall does not hide your IP address. Everything you do online is connected back to you. Everything!

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