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Cara Reset Printer Canon MP145 atau MP160-MP180-MP190

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Canon MP160 , MP145

1) With the printer powered off but connected to a power source, press the Power button while pressing and holding
the Stop/ Reset button.
2) When the Power is lit, press the Stop/Reset button two times while pressing and holding the Power button.
3) When releasing the Power button and the Stop / Reset button (regardless of order), the printer will move into a
service mode. (Waiting for menu selection)
4) When the on/off lights in green, press the Stop/Reset button the specified number of time(s) according to the
function listed in the table below.(Each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in
orange and green, starting with orange.)note: press 4 times for waste ink counter reset.

The number of the Reset
button pressing
LED Function Remarks
0 time Green Power off
1 time Orange Service pattern print
2 times Green EEPROM print
3 times Orange EEPROM reset
4 times Green Waste ink counter reset
5) Unplug cable power. (for MP145 / MP150)
6) Turn Off Power. (for MP160)

Error Code :
E2-2 = No paper (ASF)
E3-3 = Paper jam
E4 = No ink
E5-5 = The ink cartridges are not installed or a non-supported ink cartridge is installed, or the ink cartridges are not installed properly
E8 = Waste ink absorber full, or platen waste ink absorber full
E9 = The connected digital camera / video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing
E14 = The Ink cartridges whose destination are wrong
E15 = Ink cartridge is not installed E16 - Ink remaining is unknown
E16 -E19 = Failed to scan head alignment sheet
E22 = Carriage error
E23 = Paper feed error
E24 = Purge unit error
E25 = ASF(cam) sensor error
E26 = Internal temperature rise error
E27 = Waste ink absorber full or platen waste ink absorber full
E28 = Ink cartridge temperature rise error -
E29 = EEPROM error
E33 = Paper feed position error
E35 15 = USB Host VBUD overcurrent error - USB
E37 17 = Abnormal motor driver error
E40 20 = Other hardware error
E42 22 = Scanner error


1. Matikan printer (kabel power masih tercolok), tekan dan tahan tombol STOP/RESET kemudian tekan tombol ON/OFF dan lepas STOP/RESET
2. Tahan tombol ON/OFF, tekan tombol STOP/RESET 2x
3. Lepaskan kedua tombol dan printer akan masuk ke SERVICE MODE (muncul angka NOL)
4. Printer akan charging
5. Setelah printer selesai charging, tekan tombol STOP/RESET 4x.
6. Setiap kali tombol STOP/RESET ditekan, lampu ON/OFF akan berubah warna hijau dan oranye.
7. Tekan tombol ON/OFF 1X, angka berubah ke SATU (1)
8. Matikan printer dan cabut kabel POWER.
9. Hidupkan kembali printer

Reset untuk canon MP145 atau MP160-MP180-MP190

Stepnya sebagai berikut :
Step 1 Push Power switch by continue (Tekan Power On/Off)
Step 2 inserrt plug(Masukan Power, Power Tetap di Tekan)
step 3 Tekakan Tombol Reset 1x, lepaskan Tombol Pwr, Tekan Reset sekali lagi Sampai Menjadi “0?
Step 4 Push + display change from “0? to “1?(tekan tmbl + Untk merubh ‘0′ ke ‘1′)
Step 5 Push Power switch again , Printer will be print 1 page(tekan tmbl pwr –> tmbl start sampai ngeprint 1 hal.)
step 6 Open cover(buka tutup printer)
Step 7 unplug(cabut kabel power)
Step 8 Take out ink 40 and 41(lepaskan catridge 40 dan 41)
Step 9 Insert plug again(pasang kabel power)
Step 10 Push power switch(tekan tmbl power)
Step 11 Open cover (scan cover)(buka tutup scaner)
Step 12 Inksert ink 40 , 41 again(masukan catridge 40 dan 41)
Printer will be not alarm low ink and not shown error code “E5?

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